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Best Avoided - Pig's Butt


Although somewhat offput by this menu description in a Shanghai restraunt, Debbie and Paul decide to eat the Pig's Bottom anyway.


We still think they need a proofreader to review their marketing to westerners so that none of their other visitors go out, buy a computer and call it "PigsButt".

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Welcome to The Picky Proofreader!

Are you tired of clients, or worse management, picking up typos when you're on a deadline?

Is English your second language and you're having trouble with grammar and spelling?

Do you need a polished presentation that matches your professional image?

Does typing your handwritten notes send chills down your spine?

Are you ever unsure that you've correctly structured a sentence?

If any of the above apply to you, you've come to the right place!

The Picky Proofreader is the brainchild of two "somewhat picky" (that's the polite description) professionals who are ready, willing and waiting to eliminate all your spelling and grammatical nightmares.

Why should you feel bad because you've missed one tiny, itty bitty typo? That's a good question - and we promise not to make you feel bad. Smile

However, the reality is that those itty, bitty typos just jump out of the page to your readers. They turn your outstanding masterpiece which you've spent houuuuurrrrsss putting together into a "pretty good job but you really should have used the spell checker". The problem is that a spell checker and a grammar checker do not catch all the mistakes! For example - according to most software program spell checkers, "buoy" and "boy" are both spelt correctly . It's just a pity they mean two completely different things!

We understand that we're our own worst critics and we have no intention of helping you beat yourself up. What we will provide is friendly, accurate, professional service at a reasonable price.

From a brochure to a thesis; from a website to legal pleadings, we're here to help you.

Keyboard of Success

Some of the services we've provided in the past include:

  • manuscript proofreading;
  • resume and Cover Letter construction and polishing;
  • proofing of newsletters and newspaper articles;
  • proofing of advertising copy;
  • proofing of web pages;
  • transcription services - hand written notes into presentations and reports;
  • providing assistance to clients for whom English is their second language; and
  • proofing of legal assignments, journal articles and submissions.

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